Rheingolf Messe

As part of the Rheingolf Fair, the PRESEASON Event #2 of the GLDC series took place in Düsseldorf on the 23rd & 24th of February 2019. 15 European longhitters and three amateurs were competing in the event.
Division 2 was held on Saturday. The Longdrive Professional Bry Roberts from Wales beat the competition and won Division 2. Chris Latta (GBR) and Vincent Palm (GER), who hit the longest ball of the day with 422 yards, followed in second and third place.
On Sunday, Division 1 took place, for which the four best players of Division 2 and the best seven players of the official GLDC ranking qualified. José Quilis, Spanish Longdrive Professional, won Division 1, followed by Bry Roberts and Matthew Nicolle (both from GBR). Bry Roberts managed the longest shot of the day with a length of 425 yards.