At GolfCity Pulheim

The 2019 GRAND FINAL of the German Long Drive Championship took place on August 10th and 11th in the GolfCity Cologne Pulheim. A total of 52 long hitters and golfers were part of the highlight of the 2019 GLDC Series. Robin Horvath (GER) emerged as the winner from this year’s final after going Head to Head with James Brosnan (GBR). James Brosnan not only finished second, but was also happy about earning a spot for the World Long Drive Championship in the USA at the end of August/beginning of September. Bronze went to Vincent Palm (GER). He defeated the Welsh Bry Roberts in the match for 3rd place. In the women's competition Dutch native Lotte Hoekstra won the duel with Patricia Klemm (GER). The winner showed no nerves and even hit the longest ball in the final with 284 yards. The match for 3rd place was won by Theresa Reil (GER) against Silke Oldenburg (GER).