HIT IT HARD | 2018

Golfclub Cologne

On the occasion of the Final Four of the KRAMSKI Deutschen Golf Liga presented by Audi the best long hitters in the women’s and men’s divisions have been determined. James Tait (GBR) prevailed against the competition with a driving distance of 394 yards and gained the ticket for the World Long Drive Championship. Helen Tamy Kreuzer (GER) was the winner in the women’s division, her driving distance was 283 yards.
“Sport, show & party” with more than 1,000 spectators – Here you can review the event by having a look at a selection of the best photos of the German Long Drive Championship 2018. Enjoy yourself! 🙂

Results - Men


3James Tait1370,100389,6388,5388,30393,7393,7
1Martin Borgmeier100000366,1386,1383,8386,1


1Martin Borgmeier10377,800377,8
3Robin Horvath1335,40350,80338,8000350,8
7James Tait20389,80379,3000389,8
5Jordan Brooks2378,700376,30375,50362,4378,7

Results - Ladies


1Helen Tamy Kreuzer1279,5271,40283273,6261,6276,70283
2Mara Bambach12220271,9275,50281277,7266,1281


1Helen Tamy Kreuzer1269,6272276,40286,9281,8277,20286,9
2Jette Schulze1261,2258,6263,2250,2266,2271,3256,9265,8271,3
3Mara Bambach2254283,3271,2263,3266,6249,7280,9270,4283,3
4Lara Lehnstaedt2264,3269,8274,3261,2281,1000281,1