1. What to expect from this year's GRAND FINAL?

We aim to push this years GRAND FINAL of the German Long Drive Championship 2020 to a whole new level.

A total of two spots for the Men will be awarded to the men and one spot for the ladies.

2. How is the GRAND FINAL set up?

The GRAND FINAL (two-day event) is the highlight of the German Long Drive Championship 2020.

3. When and where does the GRAND FINAL take place?

15. & 16. August 2020 – GolfCity Köln Pulheim

4. Who can participate?

Each longhitter: male & female, amateur & pro, younger & elder. We recommend you have played golf before 😉

5. Is there a registration closing date?

GRAND FINAL: Friday, August 7th, 2020 at 6 pm

Participants, who do not apply within the registration period, can be accepted at the tournament committee’s discretion.

6. What is the mode of competition?

The mode of competition will be announced shortly.

7. How can I enter the GRAND FINAL?

You can send your Entry Form directly to Nina ([email protected]). Furthermore you can sign up via the Website of the GLDC. A confirmation will be sent to each participant by mail.

8. Are there any entrance fees in order to participate?

The entry fee for the GRAND FINAL 2020 is set at €200 for professionals.For Amateurs participating is free of charge.

9. What is the minimum and maximum number of participants?

There will be a men’s category and women’s category with a minimum number of eight participants each.

The maximum number of participants is 100 in the men’s category and 75 in the women’s category. The tournament committee reserves the right to assign wild cards to certain players.If there are more registrations than available grids, the date of the registration is decisive.

10. How will the distances be determined?

GRAND FINAL shall be played from a tee box in a grid, so the actual distance of a drive is measured. The measurement of each ball will be done the same way.

11. Where can I find the official conditions for this years GRAND FINAL?

Official conditions regarding the GRAND FINAL will follow shortly.

12. Are there any Prices?

The winners will be awarded the title German Long Drive Champion 2020 and in addition, in the 2020 season the men will be awarded a total of two starting spots and the women one starting spot for the World Long Drive Championship.

Men: 1st place € 4,000 – 2nd place € 2,000 – 3rd place € 1,000
Ladies: 25 % prize money for women

Amateurs, who finish within the Top 3 hochwertige high-quality prizes.If no amateur will end up in the Top 3, the committee reserves the right to honour the best amateurs (m & f) with prizes as well. The difference between the prizes for amateurs and professionals depends on the golf amateur statutes.

Allocation of the spots for the World Long Drive Championship::
Two spots will be given to the both winners (men’s- & women’s category) of the GRAND FINAL. The runner-up in the men’s category will also earn a spot. The winner gets the spot only if he makes use of it and participates in the World Long Drive Championship. If he cannot participate, the runner-up gets the spot (move-up procedure). The same applies, when the winner is already otherwise qualified for the World Long Drive Championship. In this case the spot will be given to the next in the classification, who has no spot for the World Long Drive Championship. Those who cannot accept the spot, have no claim for an alternative prize.

13. Which Rules apply for the championship?

Please have a look at the Rulebook of the German Long Drive Championship. The Rulebook provides you with all necessary information.

14. Is there a special dress-code?

We will not enforce a strict dress code and allow any sports-wear. Simply respect the sport and don’t wear your worn-out jeans from 1993 and please leave your tank tops at home 😉

15. Are tees and balls provided by the host?

Yes, balls and tees (100mm and 70mm) are provided. You are allowed to use your own tees.

16. What else do I need to know?

Actually not. If you still have a question, please feel free to get in touch with us. And keep in mind: HIT IT HARD 😉

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